Stork Entertainments

Joshua Wolf, Manager and contributor to Caleb Wolf Photography

Growing up in Salem, Oregon, Josh is known for is talent in Videography and consistently works to hone and learn new skills behind the camera. Currently, his plans on curating new ideas and merchandise have inspired and opened new doors of innovation and growth.

As Manager of Caleb Wolf Photography, he assists and provides crucial support for growing a brand.

Josh currently works on his own accord and is open to accepting work from anyone who requests it!

Stork Entertainments
I am an aspiring Filmmaker, Content-Creator, Artist, and Independent Freelancer. I started my journey as soon as I graduated in the year 2016. After my first job I took that first cheque, I have ever made and bought a computer, desk, monitor, Microphone, and everything else I needed. I didn’t requir…

Donations will help both of us with growing and expanding our operations! Anything helps, though we do not require any form of physical payment for Non-Profit or any events we choose to cover!


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