An Update In Practices

An Update In Practices
Scarlet Gilia bloomed in Salem, Ore. (Photo by Caleb Wolf)

While it is hard for me to fathom the changes, I will do my best to keep up with the workload that I have bestowed upon myself.

One of those changes is simple, I shall not be reporting on many political rallies until the time being.

This is due part to being tired of always being called either a Proud Boy or Antifa, depending on the event I decide to cover, usually from a small group.

While I have no problem with keeping up with a bipartisan view to keep journalistic integrity as my top priority, the current environment of which we are currently in have just been extremely toxic and unkind.

Regardless of viewpoints, no matter where I go and no matter who I state myself to as a freelance photojournalist, there are always a few small groups of people who ruin it.

I had a lot of fun in reporting on past events, but there needs to be a few changes in how I report.

The first change is obvious, I will be reporting strictly on charitable and non-political events; such as the Zombie Walk or any good causes.

Finally, I will be taking safety seriously when considering an event. If there will be any opposition, it is important to stay clear and separated from the frontline as much as possible.

While I hate to make changes in how I report, it is important to keep everything calm and anxiety-free.  I might break whatever change I have announced at some point, but this allows me the confidence to consider what kind of content I want to release in the future.

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